Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sabar manusie ader tahapnye!

hello buddy :)
today i want to chitchat about 'PATIENT'
YAA.. if we translate in BM we called it as SABAR.

You know wht,FRIENDS tht always be beside us in every our single second.
tht person can SHARING our problem..our happiness..

BUT are we should keep FRIENDS tht always be THE WORST one.. ouhh yeahh! i think,we shouldn't. because he/she will make our feelings more like HEARTBROKEN..hahhaa looks like FRUSTRATED GIRL THT HAD BROKE UP WIF HER BOYFIE.

now,i was in different situation.. wif my BUDDY..
i know this person as a good person,open-minded, happy go lucky.
but after a few months..its looks so HORRIBLE. like some person kind tht PIJAK KEPALA. i totally hate tht type of person.. OMG! OBVIOUSLY,this person make me iritated.. SAKET JIWA kott HAHA..

the NOISY and sometimes THE HURU HARA ONE..:/
Just be the normal one lahh dear.. dun be over excited in front of public.. i tell youu wht.. 100% look like CHILDISH..

baca jea?jangan lupe like taw ^_^


  1. huhuh.. just like my self kowt darl.. ;) hahaha.. miey happy knl u & da gengs.. caring n loving also protecting..

  2. tq syg.....
    agpun umi mmg syg kwn2 umi...
    syg sume...


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